VibranceSpa is committed to "sustainable living". Our Spa have range of skincare products and treatments to share this philosophy. We take the pleasure of escorting our guest's into the world of wellness.

Head to Toe Delight

Vibrance Tips -Body rejuvenation, generalized well- being, longevity of life, boosting immunity and prevents sleep disorders.

Enlighten Your Thoughts

Vibrance Tips -Enhances blood circulation to the brain whereby calming mind, boosting memory and vision.

Herbal Bouquet

Vibrance Tips -Relieves joint pain and stiffness. A good remedy for arthritis, low back pain, sciatica and other chronic ailments.

Hot Oil Shower

Vibrance Tips -Relieves anxiety , body pain and regulates blood pressure.Way to complete Detox, Destress and anti ageing.

Sparkle Your Vision

Vibrance Tips -Relaxes and cools irritated, stressed eyes, reduces tiredness, puffiness of eyes and combats headaches.

Sweat the Fat

Vibrance Tips - Reduces excess fat and exfoliates dead skin cells.

Medicated Steam Bath

Vibrance Tips - Improves muscle relaxation and blood circulation.

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