Vibrance Spa is committed to "sustainable living". Our Spa have range of skincare products and treatments to share this philosophy. We take the pleasure of escorting our guest's into the world of wellness.

Aroma Massage

Vibrance Tips - Increases circulation improves overall skin and muscle tone, leaves you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Deep Tissue

Vibrance Tips - Strengthens skeletal system and restores mobility.

Executive Reviver

Vibrance Tips - Relieves stress and strain.


Vibrance Tips - Drains away stress while restoring a natural flow of energy in the body.

Sports and Fitness

Vibrance Tips - Relieves aches, stiffness and improves joint’s mobility.

Aroma Foot and Leg Massage

Vibrance Tips - Reduces swelling, relives weariness and improves circulation.

Spine Recoup

Vibrance Tips - Gently brings your mind and body back into a healthy balance.

Vibrance Signature Massage

Vibrance Tips - Harmonize an individual to their ultimate wellness.


Vibrance Tips - Stress reduction and relaxation to promote healing.


Vibrance Tips - Effective in managing pain and disorders.

Yoga & Meditation

Life without Medicine

Vibrance Beauty Care

Fairy Face

a. Rejuvenating Facial
b. Age Defying Facial
c. Vibrance Signature Facial

Fab Foot Treat

a. Executive Foot Treat
b. Vibrance Signature Foot Treat

Heavenly Hands

a. Executive Heavenly Hand
b. Vibrance Signature Heavenly Hand

Vibrance Sensory Organic Body Polishing

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